Sizing Information for perfect fit

Sizing for Outerwear:

For a size confirmation about a jacket you have two type of procedures.

1. Measure your previous jacket measurements which fits you perfect and match jacket chest in below size chart.

2. Measure your body and match chest size in below size chart.

In below size chart there are both the measurements provided the jacket chest and the actual chest.

Men Size Chart for outerwearWomen size chart for outerwearHow to measurehow to measure jacketWomen body measures

And if the standard measurements given in above table are not suitable then just provide us your body measurements we will make the jacket on custom measurements.

For trouser or pants you just select size according to your waist size.

Sizing for Footwear:

For a size confirmation about shoes/boots if you do not know your standard size or you want to reconfirm use below method:

How to measure foot

Foot measure

Foot wear size chart

If you do not found your foot size in above chart then just provide us your foot measurements, we will make your shoes/boots according to the measurements you will provided.